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Noreika (2)

January 19, 2024
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Participants in Holocaust remembrance event
reflect on horror and humanity

December 9, 2023
Eyewitness History podcast

August 29, 2023
The Times of London
My War Hero Grandfather was a Jew Killer

August 29, 2023
Times Radio
I thought my grandad was a hero but
actually he was a Nazi

August 29, 2023
Times Daily World Briefing
World in 10 podcast
War Hero grandfather revealed as Jew killer

July 16, 2023

Skynews Australia TV
‘The Nazi’s Granddaughter’:
Author uncovers grandfather’s hidden past
March 26, 2023 Five Towns
Rambam High protests against Lithuanian Nazi

August 10, 2022

Lithuania’s Family Secret
“The Nazi’s Granddaughter:
How I Discovered My Grandfather Was A War
Criminal” is a story of one family’s
secret and one country’s shame.
Jewish Journal
August 2, 2022
Mishpacha Magazine, Jewish Family Weekly
June 13, 2022
The journalist who revealed that her grandfather,
a national hero in Lithuania,
collaborated with the Nazis -
working to end his commemoration
Israel Hayom (Israel Today) by Eldad Beck

May 12, 2022
Podcast Contraelite with Jorge Mercano

April 20, 2022
Podcast Morning Glory Project with Betsy Fasbinder

March 21, 2022
INSIDE SCOOP, Virginia, January 26, 2022
Silvia Foti: 'People Say I am Hurting Lithuania.
In My Heart, I am Helping'
Podcast by Karolis Vysniauskas

LRT News in English, December 1, 2021
Silvia Foti. What it really meant to be
an honorary prisoner in Nazi camp

LRT News in English, November 6, 2021
Granddaughter of Lithuanian Nazi collaborator:
‘I love his soul but not his sins’

Jewish Independent, October 12, 2021
Correcting historical record

Harvard Gazette. October 7, 2021
My grandfather, a national hero in Lithuania–and a war criminal

Der Spiegel, September 18, 2021
Was Lithuania’s National Hero a Mass Murderer?

Wall Street Journal, August 25, 2021
My Grandfather’s Crimes Against Humanity
A family memoir gets surprising reactions from
Lithuanians, Russians and Jews.

Voice of America, May 28, 2021 (Russian)
Jonas Noreika: Lithuanian Hero or War Criminal?
Йонас Норейка: литовский герой или военный преступник?

WWII Today Magazine, May 2021

BBC HARDtalk with David Sachur, April 15-18, 2021; also June 30-July 1, 2021
When Truth Trumps Family Loyalty: 23 minutes

Chicago Tribune, April 8, 2021
Op-ed: My grandfather’s role in the Nazi occupation is forcing
a reckoning in Lithuania April 4, 2021

How a Chicago teacher sparked a ‘memory war,’ forcing
Lithuania to confront its Nazi past

New York Times Opinion January 27, 2021
No More Lies. My Grandfather Was A Nazi.

New York Times front page story on September 11, 2018
Nazi Collaborator or National Hero? A Test for Lithuania July 14, 2018
My grandfather wasn’t a Nazi-fighting war hero — he was a brutal collaborator

Chicago Tribune, Front Page, January 14, 2019
She thought her grandfather was a Lithuanian hero. Research leads her to ask, was he a patriot or a Nazi?

The Lithuanian Tribune, April 27, 2021
V. Sinica. Lithuania doesn`t glorify Nazis and Noreika wasn`t one (a response to Silvia Foti) - the Lithuania Tribune, May 1, 2021
My Nazi Grandfather Was No Hero

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, February 15, 2021

Oral history interview with Silvia Foti
Oral History | Accession Number: 2021.28.1 |
RG Number: RG-50.030.1103

ICAN, October 21, 2020
Holocaust Archive Protected by U.S. Federal Government: ICAN Press Release US Holocaust Museum

EU Today, May 20, 2020
Beverly Hills City Council slams Lithuania’s Holocaust revision act

Israeli TV, Channel 12, December 24, 2019 (5 minute video)
Reporting by Sivan Rahav Meir, August 19, 2019
Les fantômes des collaborateurs des nazis hantent les rues de Vilnius, August 12, 2019
Plaque by plaque Lithuania confronts its wartime past

Simon Wiesenthal press release, July 29, 2019
Wiesenthal Center Welcomes Removal by Vilnius Municipality of Plaque Honoring Lithuanian Nazi Collaborator Jonas Noreika
Simon Wiesenthal press release

Jewish News, July 29, 2019
Vilnius mayor orders removal of plaque honoring alleged war criminal

Lithuania Tribune, May 21, 2019 (translation of article from Lithuanian originally printed on August 14, 2018 in Delfi
General Storm: what is the worth of the Pakalniškis attestation about Noreika?

BBC News, May 8, 2019
Lithuania monument for ‘Nazi collaborator’ prompts diplomatic row

LRT (Lithuanian Radio and Television) News in English, May 2, 2019
Jewish students to protest against Jonas Noreika in front of Lithuanian consulate in New York

Simon Wiesenthal Center, Chicago, press release, May 2, 2019
The Simon Wiesenthal Center Urges Lithuanian Community: “Don’t Build Monument to Honor Nazi Collaborator”
Simon-Wiesenthal-Center-5.2.19 press release

Elle Italia Weekly, May 5, 2019
Mio Nonno e Hitler
Elle article

Jerusalem Post, April 25, 2019
Petition: remove honors for Lithuanian Nazi collaborator

LRT (Lithuanian Radio and Television), April 16, 2019
National hero and Nazi collaborator: WW2 leader divides opinion

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, April 11, 2019
Statement on Center for the Study of the Genocide and Resistance of Lithuania 11.04.2019

The Secretariat of the International Commission for the Evaluation of the Nazi and Soviet Occupation Regimes in Lithuania, April 11, 2019
A Response to The Statement of The Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania of 27 March 2019, “On The Accusations Against Jonas Noreika (General Vėtra)”

American Jewish Committee, April 9, 2019
AJC Criticizes Legal Effort in Lithuania to Distort Holocaust

The Times of Israel, April 8, 2019
Aspiring Lithuanian politician smashes plaque honoring Nazi collaborator

South African Jewish Report, April 5, 2019
Fight not over for Lithuania activist Grant Gochin

Neue Zurcher Zeitung, April 5, 2019
Nazi-Kollaborateur und Nationalheld Ein Nachfahre von Holocaust-Opfern zieht wegen Litauens einseitiger Erinnerungspolitik vor Gericht. Dabei unterstützt ihn die Enkelin eines Täters.

Lithuanian Jewish Community, April 3, 2019
Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel Responds to Noreika Case Dismissal

European Jewish Congress, April 2, 2019
Genocide Research Institute in Lithuania publishes statement trivialising the Holocaust

Lithuanian Jewish Community, March 28, 2019
Who Sanctioned Institutional Anti-Semitism in Lithuania?

Simon Wiesenthal Center Israel Office Press Release, March 27, 2019
Wiesenthal Center Denounces Outrageous Decision of Vilnius Court Which Exonerates Lithuanian Key Accomplice in Mass Murder Of Jews In Holocaust

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, March 27, 2019
Lithuanian court rejects lawsuit against state honors for Nazi collaborator

Defending History, March 26, 2019
Court will Read Out Noreika Verdict Wednesday 27th at 1 PM in Historic Holocaust History Trial

Wikipedia – Main Page, March 20, 2019
Did You Know? Jonas Noreika…

South African Jewish Report, March 14, 2019
Lithuania: Jewish History on Trial

Defending History, March 8, 2019
The Strange Holocaust Trial in the Lithuanian Capital

BBC World Outlook, February 14, 2019
The Truth About My ‘Hero’ Grandfather (23 minutes)

Tachles, February 8, 2019 (German)
“General Storm” steht von Gericht: In Litauen verklagt ein Nachfahre von Holocaust-Opfern das staatliche Genozidun Widerstandszentrum wegen der Glorifizierung eins NS-Kollaborateurs
“General Storm” stands trial: In Lithuania, a descendant of Holocaust victims is suing the state Genocide resistance center because of the glorification of a Nazi collaborator

Haaretz, February 2, 2019
The Woman Accusing Her Lithuanian ‘Hero’ Grandfather of Mass Murder in the Holocaust

Australian Jewish News, January 25, 2019
“Whitewashing the Shoah: A granddaughter’s horrific discovery has prompted an Australian historian and filmmaker who has researched the Holocaust in Lithuania once again to urge Lithuanian authorities to face up to their country’s complicity in the Shoah.”
australian jewish news 1australian jewish news 2

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, January 15, 2019
Lithuanian judge postpones trial over reputation of deceased Nazi collaborator

Times of Israel, January 8, 2019
War hero or Nazi collaborator? Family partners with victim’s kin to expose truth

Salon’s Question of the Day, January 3, 2019
Do Your Family Secrets Define You?

Chosen “Best of 2018 Life Stories” by Salon, December 30, 2018
My Grandfather Wasn’t a Nazi Fighting War Hero; He Was a Brutal Collaborator

Cultures of History, December 21, 2018
Between the public and the personal: A new stage of Holocaust memory in Lithuania

Defending History, December 12, 2018
Regional Lithuanian Monthly Publishes Query at Heart of Upcoming January 15 Holocaust Trial in Vilnius

Public History Explorers, December 6, 2018
“As rightwing politicians, patriotic organizations and conservative media are taking a hard stance in defence of the memory of Noreika, the Lithuanian Jewish community, public history organizations, activists and leading intellectuals are on the forefront of an international campaign that, also with the use of online platforms and new media, aims to challenge the mainstream narratives of Lithuanian recent history.”

Jewish Chronicle, December 2, 2018
My grandfather was a hero, collaborator, and murderer

Times of Israel. November 3, 2018
Lithuanian state historians defend Nazi collaborator accused of killing Jews

Corrieri Della Sera. October 6, 2018
Lituania, l’indagine di Silvia sul nonno: «Non fu un eroe, massacrò gli ebrei»

Jewish Telegraphic Agency. October 4, 2018
Chicago Teacher Showed Grandfather Nazi Collaborator Now Lithuania Paying Attention

i24TV Stateside 10-minute show on September 24, 2018:  article; video

BBC5 Radio 15-minute interview on September 11, 2018

Silvia Foti is available to speak about the following topics:

Holocaust Distortion in Lithuania and other formerly Soviet-occupied countries
Ancestry and Secrets–What if You Discover Something Terrible?
The Greatest Holocaust Trial of the 21st Century
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Coping with Heroin Addiction in a Loved One