Documented Timeline

1941-06-22 The Soviet-Nazi German war begins
1941-06-27 Plunge Jews were expelled from their homes and closed in synagogues „Plungės žydų takais“
1941-06-27 The Jews of Telšiai were expelled to Rainiai manor
J. Noreika moves with her family to a house taken away from Jew Orlianskis (Vaižgantas 9 Plungė) „Plungės žydų takais“
1941-07-11 “Žemaičių žemė” No.2 The city manages Jewish property
1941-07-15 “Žemaičių žėmė ” No.3 is to say goodbye to Jewish doctors. Cleanse yourself from the Jews, away from the Jews – helping the Jews
1941-07-15 Pakalniškis testified that J. Noreika reported to the German commandant that he had ordered to shoot the Jews of Plungė
1941-07-15 LYA f k40-ap.2 b.164 ir kt. Interrogated in the criminal cases, the participants in the massacre said that Alim, when ordering the shooting of the Jews, said that it was a German order
1941-07-15 On July 15-16, Jews from Plungė were transported from synagogues to Kaušėnai and killed and about 1,800 Jews from Plungė and its environs were killed. KillersPlungė white-baners platoon, led by Alimas
1941-07-16 LCVA,fR1441a2b321l3-4 By the order of the prosecutor, Jewish men were transferred from Telšiai prison to the Rainiai camp
LCVA,fR1441a2bylų daug Jonas Noreika participates in the work of Telšiai Military Field Court “Jews were moved to the Viešvėnai labor camp in late June and early July, 1941. There they were detained for several weeks until the end of July. Altogether there were about 500–600 Jews at the Viešvėnai camp: men, women and children. In the second half of July (some sources say July 17–18) several Germans came to the camp. They selected 50 Jewish men and ordered them to dig a ditch (30–40 meters in length and 3–4 meters wide) close to the camp (about 400–500 m) away. When the work was done the massacre of the men began. It was directed by German officers. The shooting continued for several hours; a total of about 200–250 men were shot.”
1941-07-20 „Žemaičių Žemė’ Nr.4 Last week, Jews set fire to Plungė in four places. An interrogation is being
1941-07-20 J. Noreika, the commander of Telšiai Laf, speaks at the manifestation of friendship with Germany. („Žemaičių žemė“ No5 “July 25)
1941-07-30 Žemaičių žemė No.6 writes about the Manifestation in Plungė to which J. Noreika came from Telšiai and gave a speech
1941-07-30 Z. Blynas „Karo metų dienoraštis“ J. Noreika heads the “Samogitian Land” LAF delegation in Kaunas
1941-07-20 “At the end of June (around 27–28), 1941, the Jews of Telšiai were sent to Rainiai manor, located a few kilometers away from the city. A temporary camp for Jews was set up there. They were kept in the small outhouses of the manor. The Jews of Telšiai were imprisoned at the Rainai camp. Benediktas Platakis was appointed commander of the camp. The mass killing of the Jewish men at the Rainiai camp took place on July 15–16, 1941. The murder was directed by Gestapo officers. The shooting was carried out by guards of the camp, local police and 50–60 soldiers of the Telšiai Company of the Šiauliai Battalion. The exact number of victims is unknown. Different sources provide different figures. It is likely that 800–1,500 Jewish men were shot during the massacre.” In A. Bubnys version it happened in july 20-21
1941-07-28 After the shooting, the surviving Jews of Telšiai were transferred from Rainiai manor to Geruliai manor
1941-08-02 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l33-34 The Mayor of Žagarė delegates his duties to Rakščius
1941-08-03 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l105 County Governor’s Order no. 6 (Urbaitis)
1941-08-03 Laikraštis „Tėvynė“ Tėvynė No.5 Führer appointed Lohse reishskomisaru for the eastern lands. Andrian von Renteln was Commissioner-General. For the territory of Lithuania. Withdrawal of the rent in Gewecke is appointed Šiauliai Regional Commissioner. Basilion Poles Jewish Defenders. “August 15 Šiauliai will be clean” (Plan of Jewish eviction to Žagarė)
1941-08-04 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l106 to all superiors and mayors (Urbaitis) (from it follows the advertisement No.6)
1941-08-05 R1099a1b1l107 Urbaitis transfers Noreika accepts the duties of the county governor Orders No. 7 and No. 8
Lygumų žudynės 1941.08.01 – 1941.08.07 1941 Lygumai shtetl Jews were killed : about 70-80 men and over 100 women and children
1941-08-05 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l127 Noreika asks Antanina Noreikiene for a primary school teacher position
1941-08-06 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l331 Activist staff appeal for assistance to activists in controlling trading companies
1941-08-06 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l122 Order on Jewish and Orphaned Property
1941-08-06 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l114 Noreika sends a military commandant a list of prisoners of war left to farmers
1941-08-06 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l124 Instruction to the head of Šiauliai parish to hand over the receipt of the military commandant to Kuslis
1941-08-06 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l128 Noreika Supports the desire of Šiaulėnai parish to receive 100 prisoners
1941-08-07 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l515 Instruction to the Linkuva Summit regarding the eviction of Russian Old Believers
1941-08-07 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l125 Noreika supports the desire of Pašvitinis parish to receive 60 prisoners
1941-08-07 All of Žeimelis’ white-baners (about 30 men) were armed and all Žeimelis Jews were arrested under the leadership of the Chief of Police Antanas Sparkevičius.
1941-08-08 Dozens of white-baners from Linkuva, three German officers and P. Požėla came to Žeimelis and shot all 160 Žeimelis Jews.
1941-08-08 Žeimelio žudynės 1941 August 8 160 Jews of Žeimelis were killed. The massacre lasted for several hours. After that, Linkuva white-baners together with the locals returned to Žeimelis, where they had lunch and vodka.
1941-08-08 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l135 Permission to transfer the remains of partisan Pažemeckas to Biržai county
1941-08-09 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l137 J. Noreika’s order to evict the Jews of Tryškiai to Gruzdžiai
1941-08-09 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l138-139 For the Primary School Inspector for Accounting
1941-08-10 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l172 Resolution “Follow” on the letter of the Minister of the Interior Šlepetis to appoint new chiefs and mayors
1941-08-11 Tėvynė Nr.6 Jonas Noreika has been appointed the county governor since August 4.
1941-08-11 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l36 The dismissal of Vincas Andrišiūnas, the top of Žeimelis
1941-08-11 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l35 Ignas Jasiūnas is appointed the top of Žeimelis
1941-08-11 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l208 Letter of necessity to the field command
1941-08-11 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l51 Mykolas Leščinskas is appointed the head of the Lygumai
1941-08-11 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l52 Mekis Petas is fired at the top of the Lygumai
1941-08-11 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l53 Resolution on Petras Mekis request for dismissal
1941-08-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l294 Request for a revolver from the head of Tryškiai parish.
1941-08-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l123 Instruction on trade to heads of districts and mayors
1941-08-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l143 Instruction to the top of Kuršėnai regarding the provision of Savickienė Elena’s living space
1941-08-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l149 Radviliškis police station returns the correspondence regarding the permit to Darpšis
1941-08-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l157 Phone call about typhus in Tryškiai
1941-08-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l118 Advertisement No.9 (on prisoners of war)
1941-08-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l120 Advertisement No.10 (regarding the wearing of uniforms)
1941-08-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l117 Asks the district commissar if he can issue permits to keep hunting rifles
1941-08-13 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l151-155 Gewecke’s arrival and orders
1941-08-13 Tėvynė No.7 Gewecke introduction. Advertisement No.1 on vehicles. Advertisement No.2 on Jews. Advertisement No.3 Jews are forbidden to return or sell property. Ad no. 4. Jews are forbidden to buy goods and shopping time is set. Ad no. 5 on the use of the German language.
Tėvynė Extra Journal. Gewecke’s introduction “I immediately took over civilian power.” Public announcement No.1 on motor vehicles. Advertisement No.2 Prohibitions for Jews. Advertisement No.3 prohibits the return of fugitives and approves the decisions of county governors. Ad no. 4 Jews are forbidden to buy supplies. Announcement 5 requests to write in German.
1941-08-13 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l131 German translators start working
1941-08-13 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l38 Removal of Marijonas Gaštautas, the head of Vaiguva parish
1941-08-13 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l39 Appointment of P. Suluta, head of Vaiguva parish
1941-08-13 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l124 Establishment of working hours for heads of police stations, heads of parishes and mayors of cities
1941-08-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l125-126 Informs the district commissar what is the area of Šiauliai county
1941-08-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l127-129 Ask the district commissioner if it is possible to celebrate the Aug. 15
1941-08-15 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l47 Resolution to appoint Petras Gaubas at the head of Stačiūnai parish on the letter of activists
Pakruojo žudynės 1941 At the beginning of August (about August 15), several German officers and a Linkuva White Corps platoon arrived in Pakruojis again. Local white-collar workers and police officers were called in to help arrest and drive to the synagogue all the remaining Jews of the town (women, grandparents and children) – a total of over 200 people. The Jews were told they would be transported to work. The detainees were opened from the synagogue to the Morkakalnis forest. A few hundred meters to the pit, the future victims were ordered to undress. After that, in groups of five, they drove to the pit. The White Ties of Linkuva and Pakruojis shot. German officers controlled the massacre, one of whom photographed. During the massacre, a senior German officer approached the Jews saying those who would give away gold and jewels would be left alive. 8-9 Jews agreed to give away jewels and were taken home. After a while, they were brought back to the scene of the massacre and shot along with other Jews. The participants in the massacre received 100 rubles each for the “work” they did. In total, about 400 Jews from Pakruojis district were killed in the Morkakalnis forest. “
1941-08-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l297-298 instruction to hand over Jewish firewood to the Stakminiai brickyard for the top of Tryškiai
1941-08-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l131 Order No.9 A number of appointments, including German translators, were accepted retroactively
1941-08-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l133 The letter of the commentary on August 13, 1941 on how to fight the paratroopers is forwarded
1941-08-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l144 Inquiry to the health department how many non-Jewish veterinarians there are
1941-08-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l141 Ask the health department how many non-Jewish doctors there are
1941-08-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l130 Notice to senior mayors, police chiefs about working hours of German civilian government, etc.
1941-08-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l132 Instruction to superiors and mayors regarding the handling of soldiers’ graves
1941-08-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l134 Supplementary Order No. 429 on Jewish Property. Orders to make lists by signing the Jewish property owner and enumerating anyone who does not own any of their property
1941-08-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l163 To the postmaster for the introduction of telephones
1941-08-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l46 The dismissal of Dionysas Balsevičius, the head of Stačiūnai
1941-08-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l45 Appointment of Petras Gauba, head of Stačiūnai
1941-08-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l217 Radviliškis data on people deported to the USSR
1941-08-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1142 Pakruojis foresters are asking for clarification on hunting rifles
1941-08-17 Tėvynė No.8 Jews from Šiauliai are taken to the Caucasus ghetto. They will not be lifted into the hut. Warrants for flats of uprooted Jews are revoked, and arbitrary occupation of those flats is prohibited. It is reported that on August 13, Geweckė received all the governors of Šiauliai county counties. Lithuanian “suffering” during the transfer of Jews to the ghetto is reported. The Jews of the towns are taken to the ghettos.
1941-08-18 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l142 The Health Department responds that 10 doctors are missing and list (17 surnames) to No. 775
1941-08-19 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l418 The transfer of the Judeikin’s business to the „Gubernija“
1941-08-18 LMAVB RS F76-183 2 the announcement by the Commissioner for Jewish Management that the purchase of Jewish property must be registered
1941-08-19 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l138 Instruction of the Advocate General of the Interior to issue temporary documents to Lithuanians arriving from abroad is forwarded to police stations
1941-08-19 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l151-152 Instructions given by Geweckė on 13.08.1941 are sent to superiors and mayors and heads of police stations
1941-08-20 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l158 permission for Kleinys in German
1941-08-21 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l172 To a military commandant for the escape of prisoners of war
1941-08-21 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l183 The seal of AB Statyba is approved
1941-08-21 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l199-200 Instruction to the printing house and newspaper editorial office to send 3 copies of the printouts to the military field command
Kelmės žydų žudynės August 22 the Nazis carried out a second mass execution, during which they also shot about 70 Jewish men and women transported from Vaiguva substations. In total, about 1250-1300 people could be shot at this massacre site. 1941 Kelmė Jews were also shot several or individually in Kelmė Jewish cemetery, Aukšmiškis forest and elsewhere. 1941 October 2 The Jews of Kelmė and Vaiguva were killed in Žagarė. The executions were carried out by Kelmė’s white-collar workers, auxiliary police policemen and German soldiers.
Gruzdžių žudynės It is known that in 1941. At the end of August, Nazis and white-baners shot 46 Jews outside the town of Gruzdžiai, near the fence of the Jewish cemetery.
1941-08-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l194 Instruction to the printer to send prints to the district for 4 copies
1941-08-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l156 To the superiors and mayors and a copy to the heads of the precincts regarding the transfer of the Jews of the county to Žagarė
1941-08-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l180 message from Joniškis about the shot rabid dog
Joniškio Žudynės 1941 At the end of August, several Germans (including two Gestapo officers) came to Joniškis from Šiauliai. They demanded the execution of the Jews of Joniškis immediately (until then, according to J. Sutkus, the execution of the orders was delayed). J. Sutkus, the commander of the Joniškis district police station, summoned all the police officers of the district, ordered all the Jewish men in the synagogue to be arrested and taken to Vilkiaušis forest (6 km from Joniškis). A large pit had already been dug there. They brought the people who had been brought away, deprived them of more expensive things and money. After that, Joniškis police officers and white-collar workers drove to the pit in groups and fired. The Germans were also at the scene of the shooting and controlled the course of the massacre. At least 148 Jewish men were shot that day.
1941-08-23 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l464-472 correspondence regarding the forced labor camp in Skaisgiris
1941-08-24 Tėvynė No.9 Appointed Advocates General. Rentelno Order on Land Ownership and Remuneration to Settlers.
1941-08-25 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l217 Circular No. 9 of the General Counsel to publish anoncments in Lithuanian and German
1941-08-25 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l201 Ministry of Finance letter on salaries Noreika resolution to know and follow;
Žagarės Žudynės 1941 At the end of August, the white-baners and policemen of Žagarė, under the leadership of the Chief of Police Juozas Krutulis, took several dozen Jewish men out of the synagogue and, after stripping them, shot them in a Jewish cemetery. They drove four to the pit. About 20 executors received several dozen rubles each for this work. 1944 The Soviet Special Soviet Commission, which investigated the Nazi crimes, unearthed the grave and found the bodies of 38 men.
1941-08-25 LYAk58b.6458/3,l.60 Žagarė’s teefonogram that there are 715 Jews in the town
1941-08-25 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l216 Introduction of Šiauliai LAF to Circular 10 (prohibition of organizations other than the Nationalist Party)
1941-08-26 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l185 To the top of Kuršėnai due to Mačiulis’ supply of items from Jewish property
1941-08-27 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l187 letter to the Military Field Commandant regarding Gilaičiai School
1941-08-28 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l194 Order for the printing press and newspaper editorial office to send 4 copies of the printouts to the district commissioner
1941-08-28 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l195 Instruction to the printing house and newspaper editorial office to send 4 copies of the printouts to the county governor
1941-08-28 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l197 Instruction to the printing house and newspaper editorial office to send 3 copies of the printouts to the military field command
1941-08-28 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l190 answer to the commandant of the battlefield about the presentation of the newspaper “Tėvynė” 3 copies
1941-08-28 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l198 For superiors and mayors for homeless industries and facilities
1941-08-28 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l203 Construction circular
1941-08-28 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l283 The top of Tryškiai asks to take care of the forest material from him
1941-08-28 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l188 Instruction to gather knowledge about people deported to Russia
1941-08-29 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l525 Šiaulėnai top reports that there is a lack of paint for arrows and grave management
1941-08-29 LYAk58b.6458/3,l.62 Žagarė’s phone that 949 Jews were brought to the ghetto and asked for nails and wire
1941-08-29 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l194 The answer to the president of the court is that the district commissioner does not agree to change working hours
1941-08-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b8l17 The district chief of staff indicates what to do in case of airstrikes and leaflets, Noreika forwards
1941-08-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l204 Credit Circular
1941-08-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l205 Letter signed by the Chief of Police on how to execute the letter from the county chief no. 1368
1941-08-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l231-233 Gewecke’s letter that 5 copies of all newspapers to the commissariat Noreika resolution to inform the newspaper editorial office
1941-08-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l206 Gewecke’s letter on how to behave during airstrikes was sent out
1941-08-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l215 Home Affairs Adviser Circular No. 11 on the invalidity of Circular 10 (on the prohibition of organizations other than the Nationalist Party)
1941-08-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l219 A reminder that taxes must be deducted from wages
Linkuvos žudynės One month after the shooting of the Linkuva men, in 1941. At the end of August, women and children from Linkuva (about 200-300 people in total) were shot. The Jews were taken from Valakai village, 3 km from Linkuva, to the Atkočiūnai forest. When several German Gestapo men from Šiauliai arrived, the women were undressed to their underwear, driven to the edge of the pit and shot. The Gestapo checked for surviving victims and found gunfire when they found them. Shooted by Linkuva police officers and auxiliary police squad (about 20 people). One German officer photographed the course of the massacre. After the execution, the executioners returned to Linkuva and drank in the restaurant. “
1941-08-31 Tėvynė No.10 Gewecke ad No.6 at night from 21 to 6 to be at home. By the order of the district commissioner, the Jews of all the towns of the county are taken to Žagarė, the Jews of Šiauliai to the “Caucasus” ghetto.
1941-09-01 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l61 Coordination with the appointment of District Commissioner Užventis head Prancūzevičius V.
1941-09-01 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l234 Circular of the Minister of Finance of the LLV on trading permits
1941-09-02 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l261 To the military commandant for ammunition in Tryškiai parish.
1941-09-03 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l516 Due to the work of mills in Šiauliai
1941-09-03 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l208 Report to the District Commissioner on the detention of a speculator presenting himself as a German soldier
1941-09-04 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l298-303 Meeting of county governors and mayors at Gewecke
1941-09-04 LYAk40a2b38lv481-4 Meeting of County Governors and Mayors at Gewecke Summary
1941-09-04 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l227 Gewecke announcement No.8 markets in Šiauliai county only on Mondays and Fridays
1941-09-05 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l517-519 The case in the Kuršėnai district regarding the looting of Jewish property
1941-09-05 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l520 The case in the Kuršėnai district regarding the looting of Jewish property to the Gewecke
1941-09-05 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l57 Vilius Prancūzevičius is appointed the head of Užventis Valsčius
1941-09-05 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l252 Request to the Director of the Gubernija to release 2,000 botls for brewing to get acquainted with the Germans
1941-09-06 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1156 Regarding the payment of a volunteer to the commissioner
1941-09-06 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l527 on Institutional Working Hours to the District Commissioner
1941-09-06 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l266 The road section asks workers for road repairs
LCVA,fR1099a1b2l582 For the return of Jewish horses to Padubysis parishes
1941-09-07 Tėvynė No.11 Laf staff decision to join nationalists, nationalists to accept. Gewecke advertisements No.6,7,8 Instruction of the employment office to register the unemployed
1941-09-09 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l277-279 On the property of the Labor Inspectorate
1941-09-09 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l238 Notification that Dimitravas Forced Labor Office has started work
1941-09-09 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l64 Kazys Jurgaitis is appointed the head of Šaukėnai parish instead of Jonas Girdvainis
1941-09-10 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l523 Regarding the names of streets and arrows in Lithuanian and German
1941-09-10 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l255 Joniškis mayor to hand over medical supplies from Jewish items to doctor Dapševičius
1941-09-10 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l239 For the superiors and mayors to liquidate the movable property of Jews and communists
1941-09-10 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l79 Arrested Padūbysys Chief Tadas Staškevičius was suspected of communist activity
1941-09-10 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l269 Permission to use two Russian kitchens left by the Russians in the Bačiūnai peat bog
1941-09-11 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l416 The head of Joniškis announces that a Lithuanian has come from Vitebsk
1941-09-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l245 Kaunas asks which newspapers are published in Šiauliai
1941-09-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l236 Narak writes that if the Germans hire labor they have to pay as well
1941-09-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l240 Advisers’ letter that regular police and auxiliary police salaries are paid from different sources and must be accounted for separately
1941-09-12 Tėvynė No.12. The marketing of milk and meat is prohibited.
1941-09-13 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l264-271 Interpretation by the County Commissioner on Collateral Arrangements for Land and Harvesting
1941-09-13 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l532 To the top of the Lygumai at the request of the settler Vidginienė
Joniškio Žudynės 1941 In September, the surviving Jews of Joniškis were shot in Vilkiaušis forest: men, women and children – at least 345 people. This time a Lithuanian self-defense unit came from somewhere (the nearest Lithuanian police battalion was in Šiauliai). Thus, a total of 493 Jews were killed in the Vilkiaušis forest.
1941-09-15 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l262 Gewecke ad No. 9 from October 15 banned the sale of milk, sour cream, butter eggs
1941-09-15 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l254 Order to give the settler a part (half of the harvest) of the forced labor camp to the settler
1941-09-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l257 Instruction to hand over furniture and bedding to the hospital under construction from the Jewish property to the Šaukėnai chief
1941-09-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l242-243 Gewecke’s letter on fines for non-compliance with prices and orders of the County Governor
1941-09-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l247 Gewecke wrote that 3 copies of the newspaper should be sent to Kaunas to the Commissioner General
1941-09-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l251-253 The district chief of staff orders the use of train tickets as permits to return home after curfew
1941-09-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l78 Tadas Staškevičius is instructed to temporarily return to the position of the head of the Padubysis district
1941-09-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l250 Gewecke announces that the printing house has been notified to send 3 copies of the newspaper to the Commissioner General in Kaunas and 5 to the District Commissioner
1941-09-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l544-547 On Galminas request to operate a Jewish mill
1941-09-17 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l401 To the chiefs of police stations, for the escaped prisoners of war
1941-09-17 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l286 Kuršėnai forest enterprises request that the districts hand over the forest material of the settlers
1941-09-17 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l251 Šiauliai mayor notifies lad train tickets are used as permits
1941-09-18 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l372 To the Mayor of Šiauliai for 2 Jews from Žagarė
1941-09-18 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l276-279 German interpretation of the Karaites
1941-09-18 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l313-316 Order to store materials belonging to the German army in Gilaičiai
1941-09-19 TėvynėNo.13 Decision of the Reich Commissioner on the slaughter of animals. Order of the Reich Commissioner Lohse on milk. Rentelno ‘s instructions on social security and trade unions. New prices and wages for agricultural products.
1941-09-19 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l272-273 invitation to the county for a meeting on the harvest
1941-09-19 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l73 Stasys Višinskis is appointed assistant to the head of Kuršėnai Valsčius
1941-09-19 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l324 A request to relocate 10 Jewish workers
1941-09-19 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l765-770 Complaint from Settler Vozbin of Vaiguva
1941-09-20 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l274 Social Affairs Board Circular on Labor Inspection
1941-09-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l334-335 For clothes for prisoners of war in Gruzdžiai
1941-09-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l280 Circular on the liquidation of employment offices
1941-09-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l96 Asks the police about the candidate for Šiaulėnai elders Dalangauskas
1941-09-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l283-284 County agronomist asks agronomists for Jewish horses Noreika’s order to keep 1-2 Jewish horses in the districts for transport
1941-09-23 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l343-344 The assignment of German returnees to the employment service
1941-09-23 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l338-340 For armed guards at the railway construction
1941-09-23 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l288-89 Joniškis SFE requests that the police and the heads of parishes engage in poaching, because the Germans offer to do so as well as Noreika’s letter
1941-09-23 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l82 coordinates with Commissioner Staškevičius’ dismissal and the appointment of Jokubauskas Bronius as the head of Padubysis parish
1941-09-23 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l541-542 Cover letter on draft nationalized and Jewish property rental rates
1941-09-24 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l543 To the security police due to the reliability of Šiaulėnai top Žilviitis
1941-09-24 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l352 To the security police for teacher Žvirblienė Julė
1941-09-24 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l351 To the security police over the arrest of Epiphan Mausurov
1941-09-24 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l350 To the security police due to the communist activities of Brikas and Grudzinskas in Tryškiai district
1941-09-24 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l281 Circular on Machine Tractor Stations
1941-09-25 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l374-375 For the papyrus to the employees of the county governor’s office
1941-09-25 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l370-372 For Jazdauskas about his Jewish workers
1941-09-25 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l367 nstruction to issue a medical inventory of doctors Lipšicas to the head of Kuršėnai
1941-09-25 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l91 The Šiaulėnai top is spent for two weeks of vacation
1941-09-25 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1060-1064 Dispute over Jewish property in Šiaulėnai
1941-09-26 Newspaper Tėvynė 14 Nr. Leading off-site mercy against the rescue of prisoners of war. Gewecke’s recall that all fleeing former Soviet soldiers by October 10th. must register. Notice that the train ticket represents permission to go home. Los Angeles Orders of the Reich Commissioner for the East on prices and wages
1941-09-26 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l410-412 distribution of the harvest to the settler
1941-09-26 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l380 Letter no. 962 Supplement to the Mayor of Joniškis permission to keep a Jewish dental therapist for up to 2 months
1941-09-26 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l373 To the top of Linkuva to give the harvest part to the settlers
1941-09-26 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l290 Order to comply with the Reich Commissioner ‘s Order on Prices 12.09.1941
1941-09-26 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l550 To the Advocate General of the National Economy on product prices
1941-09-26 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l551 To the Chief of Police
1941-09-27 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l291-293 Regarding the ban on Vaičiūnas’ “Golden written”
1941-09-29 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l554 Regarding the Lithuanianization of B. Pukevičius’ surname
1941-09-29 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l394-395 27 Jews were exiled from Šiauliai boat to the ghetto
1941-09-29 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l294 Circular on salaries
1941-09-29 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l562-564 Regarding the armament of the Pavenčiai sugar factory guard
1941-09-29 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l571-572 Regarding guarding of the railway
1941-09-29 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1164-1168 Balzerienė’s request to go to Riga
1941-09-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l565 Regarding the armament of the Pavenčiai sugar factory guard
1941-09-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l555 On the registration of the Society of Arts and Sciences
1941-09-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l298-303 Excerpts from the meeting with Gewecke on September 4, 1941 are sent to the interested institutions (Homeland, Post)
1941-09-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l77 Bronius Jokubauskas (instead of Staškevičius) is appointed the head of Padubysis parish
1941-09-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l321 The district chief of staff is asking for a list of communists arrested in the county
1941-09-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l420 excerpt from a meeting with the county governor on permits to walk at night and on travel
1941-10-01 LCVA,fR1099a1b8l19 Regarding the redemption of the requisites of the German army
1941-10-01 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l492 To the head of the Pašvitinys police station for a prisoner of war
1941-10-01 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l409 To send 12 copies of the newspaper to the head of the printing house to the district commissioner
1941-10-01 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l405-408 Send 12 copies of the newspaper to the district commissioner
1941-10-01 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l396-297,399 To the District Commissioner for three warships detained in Stačiūnai district.
1941-10-01 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l86 Spends a couple of days on vacation at the top of Užventis parish
1941-10-01 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l84 Antanas Sasnauskas is appointed the assistant of the head of Linkuva Valsčius
1941-10-01 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l322-324 Letter of Necessity on Propaganda for harvest Protection
Žagarės žudynės October 2 In the morning, Commandant Mannteuffel of Žagarė addressed the crowd in German. He announced that Jews would be transported to work. They then lined them up in several columns (separating men, women, children, and the elderly), and when the German whistled, the square was surrounded by locals and white-collar workers and policemen from elsewhere. There was panic among the Jews. Some tried to run away from the square. Then the Jews began to be beaten and shot. Later, trucks arrived to transport Jews to the shooting site – the park of Naryškinas manor.
1941-10-02 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l296-297 Circular that police officers need to deduct taxes
1941-10-02 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l307-308 Circular on professional social security tax from police officers, etc.
1941-10-03 Tėvynė No.15 Commissar of the General Commissioner in Kaunas von Renteln to close the LAF. Gewecke and Loshe ordinances on the collection of weapons. Str. The Jewish quest to rule the world. Commissioner – General ‘s allowance for families of victims. Ordinance on lubricating oils. Social insurance.
1941-10-04 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l340 The circular states that the county received the money to keep the Šiauliai city police
1941-10-04 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l338-339 a circular on the transfer of homeless values to museums
1941-10-04 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l334-337 Circular on Budgetary Accounting for the 3rd Quarter
1941-10-04 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l413 For an advertisement in the homeland newspaper
1941-10-04 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l414-415 To the District Commissioner Regarding the Lithuanian who came from Vitebsk to Joniškis district
1941-10-06 Tėvynė No.16 Compulsory insurance of huts and animals is introduced.
1941-10-06 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l567-570 Commandant on the armament of the prison guard at the railway station
1941-10-06 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l417 An order to the mayor of Žagarė to give Jewish furniture to the office of the gymnasium
1941-10-06 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l304-306 Letter of intent regarding the harvesting of Pavenčiai sugar factory and beet (delivery schedules)
1941-10-07 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l430 To the head of the Kriūkai district due to prisoners
1941-10-07 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l421 on the transmission of smallpox patients to Latvia
1941-10-07 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l420 To the top of Kuršėnai due to Šušovienė cows
1941-10-07 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l419 To the top of Radviliškis due to prisoners
1941-10-07 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l325-328 An instruction for the relief of the Bolshevik victims is sent to the city
1941-10-08 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l329-330 Meeting with the district commissioner
1941-10-08 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l431 On the premises of the war refugee camp in Žagarė
1941-10-09 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l599-600 From the telephone station, that request must be in German and to the district commissioner
1941-10-09 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l434 To give furniture and clothes to the top of Papilė Gužauskaitė from Jewish property
1941-10-10 Tėvynė No.17 Representatives of the Nationalist Party under the General Counsel. Clarifications on labor registration and social security. L. Virbickas becomes the leader of the Nationalist Party. Lawyer Požėla is appointed adviser to Gewecke. Cakes and vodka according to the cards. Order of the Commissioner-General concerning potato farms. New food cards. Order on grain.
1941-10-10 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l584 on the compensation of lands taken for Soviet aerodromes
1941-10-11 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l348-357 Excerpts from the meeting with the district commissioner. Labor registration, card system, German language courses
1941-10-11 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l447 Rosienski’s eviction to the Ghetto
1941-10-11 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l448 Eviction of Shafransky and Gordon to the ghetto
1941-10-11 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l587 Noreika asks the police chief of Joniškis for information about Pilipavičius.
1941-10-11 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l588 Šiaulėnai Chief of Police regarding the permit for the weapon A. Navickas
1941-10-11 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l589 To the Chief of Šiaulėnai Post Office on the permit for the weapon
1941-10-13 Tėvynė No.18 Rules for the management of nationalized houses. The winter relief winds begin
1941-10-13 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l450,476 For the top of Kuršėnai parish, the division of the harvest between the repatriated settler and the landowners
1941-10-13 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l449 Mitrijeva F. Garment, deported by the Soviets, was handed over to relatives by the prison chief
1941-10-13 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l332-333 Order of the Advocate General that the districts trade in signs
1941-10-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l753 The municipality of Žagarė reports that the Germans have not requisitioned anything
1941-10-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l606 To the Chief of Radviliškis Police regarding Samuolis’ request for a weapon
1941-10-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l451 The property of Jewish doctors in Žagarė was issued to medical institutions by the mayor of Žagarė
1941-10-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l414-416 District commissioner directs Reich bill to pay for car permits for motorcycles, weapons and travel
1941-10-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l358-359 determination of potato and feed delivery quantities to farmers
1941-10-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l342-345 Instruction by the County Chief of Staff to continue collecting rent for nationalized homes and opening a separate account for repairs
1941-10-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l346-347 The district chief of staff announces that fines will henceforth only be imposed by the district commissioner he needs to accuse the offender and the proposed amount of the fine
1941-10-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l94 Coordinates with the district commissioner Ipitas Dalangauskas to the place of Šiaulėnai headquarters
1941-10-15 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l453-454 Primary school inspector for typewriters
1941-10-15 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l98-99 District Commissioner Chief of Staff Shrepfer agrees to appoint Dalangauskas as chief
1941-10-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l459 In German, Jewish property is mentioned to the district commissioner
1941-10-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l456-458 A letter from the district chief of staff Jewish items may be sold through special commissions
1941-10-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l360-361 The district chief of staff expresses dissatisfaction that the housekeeper is becoming officials rather than former homeowners
1941-10-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l367 The new salary scale for police officers came into force on 1 October.
1941-10-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l368 Home Affairs Board Circular No. 12 on Lost Passports
1941-10-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l460 To transport construction materials from the tops of Kuršėnai and Tryškiai districts from Tryškiai railway station to Kuršėnai
1941-10-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l627-629 The district commissioner disagrees with the introduction of two phones
1941-10-17 Tėvynė No.19 Winter aid
1941-10-17 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l495 The order of the district commissioner to gather knowledge about the doctors working in the county, Noreika to instruct the county doctor
1941-10-17 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l461 To hand over the clothes of the Soviet deported Vaitiekūnaitė to the head of the prison
1941-10-18 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1156 Regarding the supply of furniture by Kuršėnai policeman Gainis
1941-10-18 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l495-496 The district commissioner is asking for knowledge about hospitals and doctors
1941-10-18 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l375 District Commissioner Indicates Cinema Screening Fees of 20 Percent of Ticket Price
1941-10-18 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l612 Due to a lost German camera
1941-10-20 Tėvynė No.20 Statutes of the Nationalist Party. Social insurance. Leather and furs. Winter help.
1941-10-20 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l377-379 Commissioner’s order to protect the property of Jews and political parties
1941-10-21 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l617-619 Regarding the Articles of Association of Pakruojis Fire Brigade
1941-10-21 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l615 Proposal to the director of the Pevenčiai sugar factory to return Zacharka to work
1941-10-21 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l489-490 To the top of the Kriūkai due to Leizerovich’s house
1941-10-21 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l482-484 Concerning the management of the graves of German soldiers
1941-10-21 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l481 Pakruojis Forest Director for Shapirograph
1941-10-21 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l100 Dismissal of Žilvitis, the head of Šiaulėnai parish
1941-10-21 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l97 Appointment of Dalangauskas, the head of Šiaulėnai parish
1941-10-21 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l655 The head of Žagarė district announces that Russian prisoners of war have been handed over to farmers
1941-10-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l680 „Maistas“ asks their agents to allow them to use phones
1941-10-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l647 Pakruojis police due to J. Balčiūnas’ weapon permit
1941-10-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l540 To the District Commissioner for the Zaksas House in Joniškis
1941-10-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l399 Announcement No. 13 of the County Governor on the issue of population movement – movement is restricted
1941-10-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l538 To the top of Kuršėnai parish due to the Buda farm
1941-10-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l380-382 Circular on Soviet loans for house construction
1941-10-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l101-102 on the permission of Edvardas Pagirskis, the chief of Kuršėnai parish, to a weapon
1941-10-23 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l654 Lygumai police about the arrest of 8 Red Army soldiers
1941-10-23 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l103-104 on the permission of the elder of Užventis Vilius Prancūzevičius to a weapon
1941-10-23 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l386-387 Clarification on the salaries of urban engineers and technicians appointed by the Home Affairs Board
1941-10-23 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l407 The district commissioner asks all agencies to provide estimates of minimum farm spending for the last quarter
1941-10-23 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l408-409 Firewood supply rules
1941-10-23 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l492 Medvalakiai km to the top of Kuršėnai. I. Pliuskus is appointed the manager of the Jewish Schneider’s farm
1941-10-24 Tėvynė No.21 Gewecke ad No 15, which shoes are traded freely. Advertisement No.14 on the registration of Jewish property.
1941-10-25 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l412-413 The General Counsel’s farm service is asking for the number of people needed to provide
1941-10-25 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l492 List of doctors working in Šiauliai county
1941-10-27 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l691-693 For the deprivation of horses from settlers
1941-10-27 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l653 Žagarė police station about the detained Red Army soldiers
1941-10-27 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l500 On the car left by the Soviet-led committee
1941-10-27 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l499 Residence permit for the Husarov who came from the USSR for the top of Tryškiai
1941-10-27 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l141-142 The Mayor of Žagarė is relieved of his duties by a coordinated appointment of Krupštas
1941-10-27 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l118 Mayor Rakštys handed over the municipality of Žagarė to Manteiffel
1941-10-28 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l683-684 Armament of the Žeimelis Railway Guard
1941-10-28 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l410-411 Order of the District Commissioner to carry out the final sale of Jewish furniture by 20.11.1941
1941-10-28 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l105-106 on the permit of Lukas Mickus for a hunting rifle at the head of Šiauliai parish
1941-10-28 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l506-509 The head of Šiaulėnai police station announces that Daujotava landlord has vacated three rooms to live
1941-10-28 LMAVB RS F76-183 4 Announcement No.20 on the registration of Jewish property
1941-10-29 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l915 Due to the property of the tinsmiths in Joniškis
1941-10-29 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l909-914 Railway Construction Guard
1941-10-29 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l112-113 Krupšas becomes the mayor of Žagarė and takes over from Maintofel
1941-10-29 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l402 Kubiliūnas and J. Noreika sign on the provision of subordinate institutions with portraits of Hitler
1941-10-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l428 Gewecke Notice No. 16 is an order for everyone to register for a work obligation
1941-10-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l694 The head of the Kuršėnai police station announces that the manager of the Ringuvėnai manor has recovered the horses from the settlers
1941-10-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l754 Šiauliai municipality asks carriers to transport German potatoes
1941-10-31 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1161-1162 Due to the deprivation of radios by “some persons”
1941-10-31 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1159-1160 Due to the eviction of 3 Jews to the ghetto
1941-10-31 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l442 Letter from the Advocate General on office signs
1941-10-31 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l752 Winter Aid Committee
1941-10-31 Tėvynė No.23 Winter aid. Alert on registration of the unemployed announcement No.16. Ordinance on Jewish Property in the Eastern Land (Lohse 41.10.13) Winter Assistance Regulations. Commandant of Soviet Army Property. About peat production. Volunteer Battalions to the east. Potato cards. Captive Lithuanians in East Prussia. 17 nationalized houses were returned in Šiauliai. Šiauliai residents will receive half soles.
1941-11-01 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l764 A message from the head of the Vaiguva district that the settler Vozbutas does not want to share the harvest
1941-11-02 LCVA,fR1099a1b8l23 Gewecke public announcement no. 17 on the supply of milk to the urban population
1941-11-03 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l497-497 correspondence concerning police officers 1/3 of the service
1941-11-04 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l705 He asks who owns the Šakyna manor after his owner Šalkauskis was taken to Russia
1941-11-04 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l504 Šiauliai City Municipality for payment for Jews who worked at the railway construction.
1941-11-06 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l809 Ancevičius’ request for a weapon, the head of the farm department
1941-11-06 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l719 To the Chief of Police for drinking at the Užventis Police Station
1941-11-07 Tėvynė No.24 Volunteers from Vilnius to the Eastern Front. Dewecke ad No.17 on milk. Winter help. Rules for collecting winter aid. Every Šiauliai resident will get to buy 150 kg of potatoes. Report on two shot Lithuanians. Due to the lack of workers, 20 ha of sugar beet is frozen in Joniškis city fields.
1941-11-07 LCVA,fR1099a1b1l429 Letter from the Board of the Interior on the repair of the premises
1941-11-08 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l131-132 By the decision of the county commissioner, the head of Linkuva parish was “suspended”
1941-11-08 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l736 Joniškis, Radviliškis Žagarė mayors about obligations to farmers
1941-11-10 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l763 Vaiguva police report on crop sharing between landowner and settler
1941-11-10 LMAVB RS F76-188 12 Announcement of Šiauliai Mayor forbidding to help prisoners of war
1941-11-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l867 an order to the Heads of State and the mayors of the towns to place a notice of military command
1941-11-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l886 the announcement of a military command that the military is prohibited from purchasing products distributed with cards
1941-11-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l123-129 Povilas Stančikas takes over the position of Joniškis Burmistras from A. Gedvilas
1941-11-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l117-118 Stasys Šiaučiūnas takes over the duties of the mayor of Žagarė from Krupšas
1941-11-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l776-778 The head of Papilė’s post requests permission for the weapon
1941-11-13 Tėvynė No.25 Hitler’s speech in Munich. No.19 gewecke forbids local residents to move to Šiauliai. Ad no. 18- carrier rates.
1941-11-13 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l786 Requires unreceived newspaper issues from the Tėvynė editorial office
1941-11-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l810 Pašvitinys police station for disputes over crop sharing
1941-11-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l924 The SFE is asking for coercion to gather workers for deforestation
1941-11-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b8l22 Ask the number of children with those who do not have cows to be able to rate milk by the County Board
1941-11-15 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l851 on diesel fuel released from Soviet tanks in the Gubernia district
1941-11-17 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1037-1042 On the removal of Eduard Stok to his father in East Prussia
1941-11-18 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l23 It is reported that the purpose of the payment must be specified when making the payment to the account of the district commissariat
1941-11-19 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l907-908 Armament of the Railway Construction Guard
1941-11-19 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l834 For the top of Pakruojis district due to forest material for construction
1941-11-20 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l971 The request of priest Janušas to evict the settler of the manor he owns
1941-11-20 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l119-121 Requests for dismissal from Šaukėnai parish chief assistant and chief
1941-11-20 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l852 Instruction to the Chief of Kuršėnai Police Station to evict Russian repatriates from Papelkai farm
1941-11-20 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1027 Kuršėnai SFE due to forest workers
1941-11-20 LMAVB RS F76-183 5 Šiauliai Mayor’s announcement No.28 about the necessity to register Jewish property
1941-11-21 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l871 The head of the Žagarė police station announces that he has fulfilled the order No. 5023 of the county governor
1941-11-21 Tėvynė no. 26. Rules on the collection of victims of mutual assistance “discussion”
1941-11-25 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1151 Bank of Lithuania on the premises
1941-11-26 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l893-894 The bakery No.6 is of the opinion that the firewood should be brought by Šiauliai city farmers
1941-11-26 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l890 To the top of Padubysis due to J. Gečienė’s dikes
1941-11-26 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l895-896 Allows to bury Archipas Rutkauskas, who died in a car accident
1941-11-26 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l899 Report of the Gruzdžiai police station on the detention of the escaped prisoner of war Jermakov N.
1941-11-26 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l900 About 2 prisoners of war detained in Kruopiai
1941-11-27 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l902 To the top of Padubysis due to the eviction of T. Staškevičius from the apartment
1941-11-27 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l906 Asks the military commandant to allow building materials to be taken from Tryškiai railway station
1941-11-27 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l928 Joniškis Mayor for accommodation of 500 incoming German soldiers
1941-11-28 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l46-49 correspondence concerning the cost of paying J, Urniežius in an attempt to assist the Germans
1941-11-28 Tėvynė no. 27 Local nationalist commanders introduced themselves to Gewecke. Panevėžys district was formed (since 41.11.19) Red Cross: Jasaitis went to visit 122 Lithuanian prisoners of war. Scrap iron prices. Travel permits. Suspension of the delivery of potatoes. Mutual aid activities.
1941-12-01 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l934 Noreika resolution: 5 months after 2 percent deducted for Mutual Aid
1941-12-02 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1150 The district court about the undisclosed documents
1941-12-04 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l934 Lietūkis asks to speed up the delivery of potatoes
1941-12-04 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1153-1155 Regarding the burial of Demetjevs (3 people)
1941-12-05 Tėvynė No.28 Fees for mutual assistance. Ordinance on Soviet property. Prohibited time. Prices of drinks.
1941-12-08 Ilgosios Lovos Žudynės The last major massacre of Jews took place in 1941. December 8-15. 72 Šiauliai Jews working in the villages were arrested and shot by orders of the district commissioner H. Geweckes and the German security police and the SD commander. Police officers from Kuršėnai, Pakruojis, Radviliškis and Stačiūnai shot. ”
1941-12-09 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l971-974 Report of the Užventis police station that it complied with the Chief’s order to evict the settler’s family
1941-12-09 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l960 Proposal to Ignas Rudušaitis to choose a Jewish farm in Joniškis parish
1941-12-09 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l961 Proposal to Vincas Šimaitis to choose a Jewish farm in Joniškis parish
1941-12-10 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1152 Papilė police station on Communist Party property
1941-12-11 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l997 To demand a stamp duty from the head of the Padubysis police station
1941-12-12 Tėvynė No.29 Gewecke on salaries. Prices. Permits for textiles and footwear. Milk rates.
1941-12-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1206 The head of the Lygumai District reports that they have no English, French or U.S. citizens
1941-12-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1003 Certificate that Jonas Noreika is going to Kaunas for business
1941-12-13 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1006 To the director of Kuršėnai Brickyard regarding the armament of the guard
1941-12-13 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1009 J. Dapkiene on the reduction of maintenance
1941-12-13 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1021 To the Chief of Security for the reliability of V. Stuokytė
1941-12-13 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1023 To the Chief of Security for the reliability of J. Jovaišas
1941-12-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l14 Circular on convicted cases
1941-12-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1032 To the district commissioner regarding the request of the pastor of Radviliškis to buy light lamps
1941-12-17 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1036 To the Chief of Police for a prisoner of war detained near Ariogala
1941-12-20 Tėvynė No.30-31 S. Šalkauskis died. Spotted typhus. New salaries. Management of nationalized houses.
1941-12-20 Užvenčio žudynės The last Jews in Užventis (about 20 people) were shot in 1941. December in the Želviai forest. “
1941-12-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l138 Radviliškis Mayor V. Brazauskas announces that he is going on vacation
1941-12-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1069 To the District Commissioner ‘s Office for a woman deported to Germany
1941-12-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1084 Šaukėnai forest enterprise due to workers
1941-12-23 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1123 Skaisgiris police station report that the ads have been posted
1941-12-23 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1174-1175 Regarding Radviliškis station buffet
1941-12-28 LMAVB RS F76-180 23 -80 List of Jewish property acquired in Šiauliai by J. Noreika on page 28
1941-12-29 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1171 For the top of the Tryškiai district due to the cow
1941-12-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1178 The Command in Šiauliai is informed that 400 posters have been posted
1941-12-30 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l12 Reminder from the Advocate General to whom the police subordinated
1942-01-01 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1243 The chief of Šaukėnai announces that he is carrying out the county’s order urging people to work in the forest
1942-01-02 LCVA,fR1099a1b9l139 Adolfas Eidmintas is appointed in place of V. Brazauskas as the Mayor of Radviliškis
1942-01-09 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l20 Bank of Lithuaniafor Noreika about accounts
1942-01-10 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l18 Renteln’s order is what he appoints and what the county commissioner
1942-01-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l19 Police chief report on typhus
1942-01-13 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l21 Circular on lice
1942-01-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b2l1221 The top of Pakruojis informs where the advertisements for fur handing are posted
1942-01-21 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l18 Due to the subscription to the newspaper “Į laisvę”
1942-01-23 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l22 The District Chief of Staff directs correspondence with counsel only through the District Commissioner
1942-01-29 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l27 For the tape strip
1942-01-30 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l26 Due to the subscription to the newspaper “Į laisvę”
1942-01-30 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l29 Žagarė municipality sends a receipt
1942-02-04 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l24 For travel and subsistence circular
1942-02-04 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l45 Administration Department Circular on Finance
1942-02-06 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l31 The county police chief asks the county governor for 20 portraits of Hitler
1942-02-06 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l37 Regarding the service of police officer Juozas Dargis
1942-02-07 LMAVB RS F76-181 413r Gewecke’s order to clean up schools by dismissing Bolshevik-era Teachers
1942-02-12 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l40 Regarding the service of police officer Juozas Dargis
1942-02-13 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l9 Order of the Commander of Oflag
1942-02-19 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l1 on the establishment of POW camps
1942-02-20 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l5-8 Order of a military commandant on the return of prisoners of war
1942-02-21 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l3-4 On the return of prisoners of war
1942-02-23 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l16 Inquiry of the head of Kuršėnai parish about the prisoner of war camp
1942-02-26 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l10 On the return of prisoners of war
1942-02-28 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l14-15 rules for setting up prisoner-of-war camps
1942-03-01 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l51 correspondence concerning the cost of paying J, Urniežius in an attempt to assist the Germans
1942-03-02 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l18-21 List of prisoners of war and camps imprisoned in Joniškis
1942-03-02 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l26 List of Šiauliai parish prisoners of war with the number of prisoners
1942-03-03 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l22 telephone call from Linkuva municipality with a list of prisoner of war camps
1942-03-03 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l24 Stačiūnai parish reports the number of prisoners of war and camps
1942-03-03 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l29 Lygumai parish Information on Prisoner Camps and Number of Prisoners
1942-03-03 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l32 Šiaulėnai parish information about prisoner camps and the number of prisoners
1942-03-05 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l17 The answer to the head of the Kuršėnai parish due to war camps
1942-03-05 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l12-13 Letter from the County on the Transfer of Prisoners of War
1942-03-05 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l25 The town of Žagarė reports that it has no prisoners of war
1942-03-05 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l31 Gruzdžiai parish report on prisoner-of-war camps
1942-03-06 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l11 On the return of prisoners of war
1942-03-06 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l30 Kuršėnai parish report on prisoner-of-war camps
1942-03-06 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l43 J.Noreika forwards the letter of the local commandant regarding the use of prisoners to the districts
1942-03-07 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l42-43 For the money for feed for horses
1942-03-07 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l23 Linkuva municipality due to prisoner of war Ivan Gunko
1942-03-07 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l26 List of Šiauliai County Prisoners of War with the Number of Prisoners (supplement)
1942-03-07 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l28 Siauliai County Prisoner of War Camps
1942-03-07 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l34 Kriūkai County Prisoner of War Camps
1942-03-09 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l33 Joniškis town prisoner of war camps
1942-03-10 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l33 Circular of the District Commissioner on Confiscated Goods
1942-03-10 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l35 Šaukėnai parish reports that there are no prisoner of war camps
1942-03-11 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l32 Gewecke’s instruction to deposit into his account must be specified for what
1942-03-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l36-37 Papilė County Prisoner of War Camps
1942-03-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l40 Radviliškis County Prisoner of War Camps
1942-03-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l41 Stačiūnai County Prisoner of War Camps
1942-03-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l44-45 Linkuva parish send a list of prisoners of war unfit for work
1942-03-12 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l46-47 Geweckė’s letter and translation on Lithuanian. release of Latvian-Estonian prisoners of war
1942-03-13 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l55 There are no Estonian Lithuanian Latvian prisoners in Užventis parish
1942-03-13 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l56 There are no Estonian Lithuanian Latvian prisoners in Šiauliai parish
1942-03-13 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l59 Letter from Noreika to the Commentary on Prisoners of War
1942-03-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l42 Prisoners of War camps in Tryškiai district
1942-03-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l51 There are no Estonian Lithuanian Latvian prisoners in Žagarė parish
1942-03-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l54 There are no Estonian Lithuanian Latvian prisoners in Lygumai parish
1942-03-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l34 Circular on economic contracts
1942-03-16 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l46-47 Lionginas Samulevičius’ request to leave him a prisoner of war
1942-03-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l52 There are no Estonian Lithuanian Latvian prisoners in Stačiūnai parish
1942-03-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l53 There are no Estonian Lithuanian Latvian prisoners in Joniškis parish
1942-03-19 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l251 Report from Joniškis on the death of prisoner of war Pavel Zacharov
1942-03-20 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l35 Explanation of the Advocate General On the handling of complaints and the right of county governors to punish
1942-03-20 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l57 To the head of Kuršėnai parish due to the request to keep a prisoner of war
1942-03-25 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l58 Skaisgiris district prisoner of war camps
1942-03-26 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l36-37 Instruction for superiors and mayors to organize metric archives
1942-03-27 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l60 Letter from Noreika to the Commentary on Prisoners of War
1942-03-27 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l206 County order to return unregistered prisoners to camp for registration and translation
1942-03-28 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l205 Letter of intent regarding the registration of unregistered prisoners of war
1942-03-31 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l61 to Katiliov’s request to keep a prisoner of war (Linkuva)
1942-03-31 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l99-102 List of prisoner of war camps in Šiauliai county
1942-03-31 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l231 ordering the districts to draw up lists of prisoners of war not received from the camps
1942-04-01 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l38-39 Letter from the General Commission on the use of prisoners
1942-04-01 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l103 Gruzdžiaiparish accompanying letter on the list of farmers who did not submit applications for keeping their prisoners of war
1942-04-02 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l68 At Povilaitis’ request to keep a prisoner
1942-04-07 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l230 Report of Žeimelis parish about the prisoners left at the beginning of the war
1942-04-07 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l229 The town of Žagarė reports that it has no prisoners of war
1942-04-07 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l209 City of Joniškis announces by telephone that the prisoners remaining since the beginning of the war “cannot be heard”
1942-04-08 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l211 Vaiguva parish reports that there are no prisoners not registered in the commandant’s office
1942-04-08 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l210 Linkuva parish reports that there are no prisoners not registered in the commandant’s office
1942-04-08 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l207 Šiaulėnai parish reports that there are no prisoners not registered in the commandant’s office
1942-04-08 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l203 Pašvitinis Valsčius reports that he has 31 prisoners since the beginning of the war
1942-04-08 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l201 There are no unregistered prisoners of war in Meškuičiai parish
1942-04-08 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l202 There are no unregistered prisoners of war in Pakruojisi parish
1942-04-08 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l203 There are no unregistered prisoners of war in Lygumai parish
1942-04-09 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l199 There are no unregistered prisoners of war in Radviliškis town
1942-04-09 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l226-227 Užventis parishes send a list of prisoners left since the beginning of the war
1942-04-09 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l224-225 Kriukai parishes send a list of prisoners left since the beginning of the war
1942-04-09 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l222-223 The head of Šiauliai parish offers not to give a prisoner of war to the “unreliable” Masandukas
1942-04-09 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l208 Šiauliai parish reports that they have no unregistered prisoners
1942-04-10 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l213 Radviliškis district announces that it has no knowledge about the prisoners of war left since the beginning of the war
1942-04-10 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l212 Joniškis parish reports that they do not have any prisoners of war left since the beginning of the war
1942-04-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l215 Gruzdžiai parish reports that it does not have any prisoners received outside the special recommendation
1942-04-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l228 There are no remaining prisoners in Kuršėnai parish since the beginning of the war
1942-04-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l181-182 Oflag order for prisoners of war to pay 0.1 RM each and translation
1942-04-14 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l232-233 List of prisoners of war not received from the camp in Padubysis district
1942-04-15 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l235 list of prisoners of war in Gruzdžiai parish
1942-04-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l218-219 The head of Skaisgiris parish offers to take a prisoner from Urbonienė from the “former communist”
1942-04-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l220-221 The head of Skaisgiris parish offers to take a prisoner from Steigvilienė from the “former communist”
1942-04-18 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l38-39 Ona Strakšienė’s request to the district commissioner to release her son punished by J. Noreika
1942-04-18 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l214 Skaisgiris parish reports on the remaining prisoner of war since the beginning of the war
1942-04-20 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l250 About the escape of a prisoner of war Pavel Boženov
1942-04-21 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l46-47 The district commissioner asks to find out why the money transfer from Pakruojis was made
1942-04-24 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l40-41 County designation for confiscated goods
1942-04-29 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l104-105 Linkuva parish sends a report on prisoner of war F. Glaburdo
1942-04-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l48 To the heads of police stations for confiscated goods
1942-04-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l186-187 The Germans inform Noreika that from 10 to 20 thousand prisoners of war may come to Lithuania for spring work and order to indicate where they will be used
1942-05-02 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l57 Correspondence on the quota of the Mayor of Žagarė about Statkus Jonas
1942-05-02 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l183-185 Noreika County for 1,000 prisoners of war
1942-05-02 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l216 Žagarė parish announces that it is sending a list of prisoners of war
LCVA,fR1099a1b32l234 List of prisoners not taken from the camps in Žagarė district
1942-05-06 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l240 Police report on escaped prisoners
1942-05-09 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l51 Circular to the police regarding the amounts transferred to the county treasury
1942-05-09 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l188-189 statlag No 361 instruction to county governors on captives and translation
1942-05-09 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l249 The head of Pakruojis parish about the escaped prisoners of war
1942-05-16 LCVA,fR1099a1b22l18 Circular on food and seed rates
1942-05-18 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l252-254 Protocol and accompanying letters from Radviliškis district regarding the escaped prisoners of war
1942-05-19 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l50 Circular on sending to a forced labor camp
1942-05-20 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l52-62 Correspondence regarding the arrest of the switchboard of Jonaitiškis railway station
1942-05-20 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l248 Police report on escaped prisoners of war
1942-05-21 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l239 List of escaped prisoners of war
1942-05-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l256 Report of the head of the Kruopiai district about the escaped prisoners of war
1942-05-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l245-247 Noreika’s report to the district commissioner about the escaped prisoners of war and translation
1942-05-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l241 Police report on escaped prisoners of war
1942-05-23 LMAVB RS F76-188 23 Circular sending laborers to work in the Reich matter
1942-05-23 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l244 Noreika’s letter to the district commissioner about the escaped prisoners of war
1942-05-26 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l258 Report of the Kruopiai police station about the escaped prisoners
1942-05-29 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l69 Metric Management Circular
1942-05-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l63 Circular on the secret production of alcohol
1942-05-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l64 Circular on forest pastures
1942-05-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l242-243 Kutka’s letter to the district commissioner about the escaped prisoners of war
1942-06-02 LMAVB RS F76-188 33 Clarification of how to recruit 400 workers for the Reich industry (county governor in the commission)
1942-06-02 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l59 cover letter of the list of union members awarded on May 1
1942-06-03 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l65-67 Circular on money transfers District account;
1942-06-03 LMAVB RS F76-188 49 The county governor appoints a commission to mobilize labor into the Reich
1942-06-05 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l259-261 about the search for an escaped prisoner of war in Radviliškis parish
1942-06-10 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l72 Circular on passport stamping
1942-06-10 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l262-263 about the search for an escaped prisoner of war in Radviliškis parish
1942-06-15 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l73-74 Reitvytis circular on non-execution of penalties imposed by the Latvian police
1942-06-18 LMAVB RS F76-188 9 Counselor Paukštys points out that the city of Šiauliai must give 100 people to work in Germany
1942-06-23 LCVA,fR1099a1b32l236-238 police protocol after escaping a prisoner of war
1942-06-24 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l75-76 Gewecke’s reminder that fines imposed by the county governor should not go into the county account
1942-07-01 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l70 Circular on financial statements
1942-07-11 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l77 For the punishment of evading work obligations
1942-07-17 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l79 Linkuva parishes about difficulties in administering the prisoner of war tax
1942-07-21 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l87 For the head of Kuršėnai parish due to registration forms
1942-07-24 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l80 heads of police stations due to work obligations
1942-07-24 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l80-81 Noreika asks the Germans to notify the districts of the transfers of prisoners
1942-07-26 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l81-82 On the collection of weapons for the Germans
1942-07-29 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l78 The district commissioner states that the letters must be signed in person by the heads of the institutions
1942-08-03 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l86-87 Frenkel factory union explanation for work clothes for Jews
1942-08-05 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l71 Circular on the collection of weapons from the population
1942-08-21 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l83 Announcement by the Mayor of Joniškis on the readiness to meet the Commissioner of the Eastern Region
1942-08-24 LCVA,fR1099a1b22l16 model residence certificate
1942-08-24 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l133 Certificate that the office of the county governor paid salaries to the soldiers of the Self-Defense Partial Šiauliai Staff 20.09.1941 -11.01
1942-08-24 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l92 Reitvytis letter on police sent Amtsblatt numbers
1942-08-25 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l91 Police chief’s request that Noreika send him Amtsblatt numbers
1942-09-14 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l94 Letter from the Chief of the Railway Police send him Amtsblatt numbers
1942-09-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b22l24 For the delivery of bovine animals
1942-10-01 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l90 The Žagarė police station sends a receipt to the county governor
1942-10-01 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l118 Request for knowledge from a state publishing house
1942-10-16 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l109 Request for mutual aid to allow money boxes for victims to be built on the streets
1942-10-16 LCVA,fR1099a2b2l108 Invitations to Noreika with a lady at a mutual aid party
1942-10-19 LCVA,fR1099a1b22l23 Circular of the Agricultural Adviser
1942-10-21 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l84-85 Due to the closure of the Radviliškis forced labor camp
1942-11-07 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l89-90 Circular Gewecke specifies what data must be included in the list of convicts sent to a forced labor camp
1942-11-07 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l99-100 Gewecke’s letter on the driving of house vodka
1942-12-10 LCVA,fR1099a1b22l37 For the purchase of grain
1942-12-15 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l71 Gewecke’s order to send him war crimes cases for driving vodka
1942-12-22 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l91-92 For fines
1942-12-24 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l97-98 For delivery to the Dimitravas Forced Labor Camp
1942-12-30 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l93-95 Concerning confiscated goods
1943-01-09 LMAVB RS F76-188 35 Collective letter from mothers concerning sons who have not returned from Germany
1943-01-11 LCVA,fR1099a1b15l96 Order on elections to county and city councils Order No.2